Air conditioning manufacturers are constantly engineering innovative technologies to improve HVAC equipment. We compiled some information for you on the latest.

Go Green - Air Conditioning systems.

Now is a great time to replace your air conditioning and heating system. You can help the environment by replacing your existing air conditioning and heating system with an environmentally friendly, high efficiency R-410 A system.

A high efficiency R-410A heating and air conditioning system uses less energy and can drastically reduce your energy costs. Combined with the new tax incentives and rebates being offered, it can quickly pay for itself.

R-410 A systems offer both financial incentives and environmetal benefits. Call today to schedule a free evaluation.

High Efficiency Green Equipment

Today's high efficiency systems are loaded with energy saving components.

Dual stage compressor: Air-conditioning units with two-stage compressors operate at lower capacity during moderate weather. This results in cycles that are longer and more efficient. It also allows your system to remove more humidity from the air. When the weather is truly hot, they step up to full-speed operation to assure your comfort.

ECM Condensing Fan Motors: Condensing units with ECM fan motors operate at higher efficiency levels utilizing automatic speed adjustments. The ECM motor uses less energy than the standard PSC motor that is commonly used in air handlers and condensers to mover air.

ECM Blower Motors: Air handlers equipped with ECM motors automatically adjust blower speeds to boost efficiency and meet a wider range of air flow requirements. The ECM motor uses less energy than the standard PSC motor that is commonly used in air handlers and condensers to mover air.

Txv valve: TXV valves automatically adjust to changing cooling conditions. When the cooling load is high, the TXV opens wider to allow more refrigerant to flow through the indoor coil. When the cooling load is LOW; the TXV reduces the flow of refrigerant, thus creating a more efficient air conditioning system.

Refrigerants: R-410 A refrigerant delivers environmentally friendly performance with zero ozone depletion. Unlike many haloalkane refrigerants, it does not contribute to ozone depletion , and is therefore becoming more widely used as ozone-depleting refrigerants like R-22 are phased out.

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